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Installation Materials

3 Inlet Installation Kit

32 meters low-volt wire, 3 plain inlet valves with screws, 3 plastic mounting brackets, 8-90° sweep elbows, 2-90° sweep T, 3-90° dual elbows, 7-45°dual elbows, 9 stop couplers, 8 pipe hangers, 1 exhaust vent cap.

Vacuum Gauge

Measure the suction of each inlet valve located inside the home, after installation to ensure optimal performance of your central vacuum.

2 Inlet Installation Kit

24 meters low-volt wire, 2 plain inlet valves with screws, 2 plastic mounting brackets, 6-90° sweep elbows, 1-90° sweep T, 2-90° dual elbows, 5-45° dual elbow, 7 stop couplers, 6 pipe hangers, 1 exhaust vent cap

Quick Release Tube Cutter

The quickest and easiest way to cut plastic tubing without leaving burrs.

1 Inlet Installation Kit

7.5 meters low-volt wire, 1 plain inlet valve with screws, 1 plastic mounting bracket, 3-90° sweep T, 3-45° dual elbow, 3 stop couplers, 3 pipe hangers.

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