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Standard Attachments

Deluxe combo floor tool

Dual-purpose attachment goes from hardwood floors to rugs and carpet with a flip of the toe switch.

Mini blind cleaning tool

Quickly, conveniently dust and clean mini-blinds.

Mini Vac attachment kit

Clean computer keyboards, auto air vents and other fine detailed areas.

Radiator brush

Easily vacuums and cleans the dust between radiator grills.

Dust mop

Excellent for cleaning hard floor surfaces. Mop head is easily machine washed for long lasting use.

Ceiling fan cleaning kit

Easily clean ceiling fans without lifting a heavy vacuum or climbing a ladder.transportation.

Oval to round adaptor tool

Allows you to use standard round cleaning attachments with BEAM's exclusive Double-D shape wands.

Standard dusting brush

This soft bristle brush fits most vacuum hoses and wands.

90 cm Crevice Tool

perfect for those hard-to-reach spaces or around the large appliances and furniture.

Pet Grooming Brush

Use a pet grooming brush to detangle and smooth out the fur of your pet while vacuuming away loose fur and hair.

Chrome telescopic wand

Adjust to length of the wand for personal comfort or extend to clean hard to reach places like mouldings and ceiling fans.

BEAM Alliance HEPA Filter

The BEAM Alliance HEPA Filter removes any impurities left in the air before it is recirculated. For BEAM Alliance models only.

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